Grah Franck obviously touched your life in some way. Please take a few minutes and share a memory or time when he made you smile.
What kind of person was Franck?
How did he affect your life?
It would mean a great deal to all of us, I'm sure it will also offer comfort to his family knowing he had people who cared about him!

Thanks for being a good friend.

Important Information

Mes sincères remerciements. Du fond du cœur, je vous remercie pour votre présence, vos pensées et vos marques de sympathie que vous avez témoignées, à la suite du décès de Frère Franck K. Grah.
Mes sincères remerciements.

Pour la Famille,
Bruno Grah, France

Obituary program or Funeral pamphlet will also be available here due to social distancing guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Zelle to Ignace +15052106958

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Prince Willy Oye wrote on 29. Oct. 2020 - 19:30
Repose en Paix Franck Grah aka AWRAN PABLO
🙏 🙏 🙏
Pierre zohy wrote on 26. Oct. 2020 - 11:28
C'était à Bouaflé en debut des années 80 chez le même titulaire. Nous partagions la même chambre. La même équipe de maracana des protégés de Mr. Drouho Alain. Heureux de t'avoir retrouvé ici, nous avions bavardé longtemps sur nos vieux souvenirs. Tu es parti. Que ton Âme Repose en Paix.
Nadine Wright wrote on 26. Oct. 2020 - 04:25
Please forgive me my love,I chose to remember you my way. I could not bring myself to say goodbye!I love you dearly still!
Rits Baxter wrote on 25. Oct. 2020 - 06:29
It was a pleasure to work with you because of your deligience, professionalism & intergrity - not infringing on your moral fortitude of humanity by let a supervisor know that you wouldn't perform certain actions while being respectful & courteous. I can still hear you laugh - hearty & infectious
Julienne wrote on 23. Oct. 2020 - 12:49
Franck, my heart is broked and it is hard for me to think that you're gone forever.Only GOD can replace the emtyness you left behind. May the gates of HAVEN be wide open to receive you.You're such a good person full of jokes and laugh. my condoleances.RIP!
DARLENE Grice wrote on 21. Oct. 2020 - 04:22
Frank was a very gentle soul he was such a kind person I met him through working at c74 as an officer he was a good worker and always helped out he always carried a big smile and was always full of laughter he had so many fun jokes rip
Nadine Wright wrote on 19. Oct. 2020 - 20:03
From day one, you allowed me to lean on your shoulders and lifted me up,when I was down. You always brought the sunshine! God loves you and I do too! Forever in debt to you! An angel for sure,spread your wings and fly high my friend!
Valerie Bailey wrote on 19. Oct. 2020 - 00:26
My condolences to the family. He was such a beautiful soul. I will miss his smile and his laughter. Take your sleep big guy. You will always be in my ❤️ 🙏🙏
Carolyn Campbell wrote on 18. Oct. 2020 - 23:29
Heaven received a Beautiful soul. Take your rest Franck
Peggy wrote on 18. Oct. 2020 - 22:16
May he rest in Peace.😔
Praying for his family 🙏
CeeCee Gilmore wrote on 18. Oct. 2020 - 21:07
He has always been kind. I only knew him for a short time and in the short while. He has always been himself and always try to Lookout for others.
Aminata wrote on 18. Oct. 2020 - 20:31
May his soul rest in peace 🙏
He is such good person 😭
Cheryl Miller wrote on 13. Oct. 2020 - 18:22
Gone to soon my brother. I know that u are looking down on me. I will always love u and miss u so. I will always take care of my business WORD UP
Bangaly Cisse wrote on 13. Oct. 2020 - 05:00
Rest in Peace my Eternal brother & friend until we meet again in The Heaven!!
Kousso Gossan wrote on 8. Oct. 2020 - 09:02
Rest in peace brother. You will be dearly missed.
Koffi de Treich wrote on 7. Oct. 2020 - 16:38
Repose en paix au nom de Jesus.
Konate V wrote on 7. Oct. 2020 - 12:10
RIP big Franck--- Adieu